Is A Flush Door Good For A Main Door?

Are you contemplating whether you can use a flush door as the main door or not? You've come to the right place. In this article, we have researched and asked the experts if, in fact, a flush door is enough as your main one. This is what we found out.

Although more commonly used as an indoor or interior door, you can certainly use a flush door as your main door. Particularly with today's trend of minimalism, especially in design, a flush door will fit perfectly.

Their subtle design is great for highlighting other elements of your house that you would want visitors to notice when coming over.

Want to know more about using flush doors as your main ones? Continue reading as we will discuss in-depth other related questions like other uses of flush doors and many more. We will also be suggesting informative and helpful posts at the end of this article. So let's start learning.

3D rendering illustration of a flush door - Is A Flush Door Good For A Main Door

Can we use a flush door as the main door?

Using a flush door as your main door is perfectly fine. Although mainly used for interior purposes like a room inside your house, a flush design for the main door can completely fit in with contemporary minimalist designs.

The issue that most people might have for a flush door as your main door or entrance door, besides being plain, is strength and durability.

As a front door, it should not just symbolize elegance and aesthetics, but it should also have security features. It should be durable and not easy to be taken down.

That is why you should opt for sturdy wood when making a flush main door. It should not be hollow. A stave-core flush door would be ideal. It would greatly reduce the door's weight while maintaining its durability and lowering the price.

A solid core flush door will also do the job but can be a bit pricey and overweight. Although, this can have a more premium and expensive look and feel, especially if you use high-end wood such as Sheesham wood.

But you can easily turn a simple stave core flush door into something premium without spending thousands of dollars on it by matching the color tones of your entrance.

Painting the door is also an option. You can add stencil or gradient paintings to your door to make it pop out. But if you want subtle and simple, then this is the door for you.

If you also want a unique design, using a flush door as your main one will stand out because of how uncommon it is. This is because main doors are usually paneled doors.

Modern pocket handle, flush and tidy

What are other uses of a flush door?

Other uses of a flush door will mostly be in interior rooms where you can attribute everyday activities. In other words, these will be parts of your house where you won't usually mind what kind of door that room will have. Some of these are.

  • Stock rooms
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom (in normal houses)
  • Garage door
  • Emergency exit doors
  • Acoustic doors
  • Pantry doors
  • Laundry room door

Note that designs such as choosing doors will be subjective to every house. This will most of the time, not have any building codes that would require you to construct your house in such a way as to meet safety standards.

It will really boil down to what looks you are trying to achieve. Your budget will also play a significant role in choosing door designs.

What are the advantages of a flush door?

3D rendering illustration of a flush door

The main advantage of a flush door is its simplicity. Because there are no panels, flush doors are easier to clean. They will have fewer nooks and corners as their surface is flat and has no edges. It can also be safer for children because of this.

They are also cheaper compared to paneled doors. Maintenance and installation are also more manageable. They require fewer accessories to be installed.

If ever they are damaged, they are easy to replace without too much cost or hassle because they are a lot simpler and cheaper, plus they are easily available in stock at hardware stores. They offer good stability, durability, and quality.

Despite the low price, they can still look expensive, especially with the right type of wood used. Lighter in weight, it doesn't require regular finishing due to its flat surface.

But like everything else, they also have cons that you should consider, such as if they break, their surface can be difficult to repair. Lightweight ones will usually be hollow, so they are not ideal for the main door. A solid-core flush door will be significantly heavier.

Customizability would also be a problem as most flush doors would be factory-made. This means that you would have to conform with the sizes available unless you have one custom-built, which can be expensive depending on the material.

Is a flush door waterproof?

3D rendering illustration of a double flush door

Most flush doors are not waterproof, which can be a problem if you are planning to use it as your main door. You can still use regular wood as your front door, but your main enemy in longevity would weathering.

A good option is having a WPC door or a wooden plastic composite door. This type of door is composed of wood and thermoplastic, which makes it great against water damage. They are eco-friendly and non-toxic.

What's great is you can make a WPC appear as a flush door by having one without any design, as that is the main concept of a flush door. Just a door with a flat surface.

But door waterproofing is really not a big concern as your door will not often be wet, especially if you have a front porch, a patio, or anything that will serve as a roof over your main entrance.

What is a triple-core flush door?

This type of flush door is done for someone ordering a 35mm or more thick door. It is made by pressing three plywood cores and face veneers on both sides of the door frame.

Which type of flush door is best?

3D rendering illustration of a flush door

It will depend on the use or where you will place your flush door. As we have discussed, regular hollow flush doors would be perfect in interior rooms where you would usually not care what kind of door it has. A flush hollow door would be ideal in emergency exit doorways due to its lighter weight.

For more durability like the main door, you might opt for a sturdier and thicker flush door like a solid core one or even a stave core for some price and weight cuts.

In review

A flush door can be used as a main door. It will really depend on how it will be set up and if that is what the owner really wants. The simplicity and minimalist design that flush doors have can be appealing because of the trend of minimalism in today's fashion and architecture.

Modern ways have also made possible different methods in order to produce high-quality, durable, and premium flush doors that could easily go in front of your house and be the first door that greets you and your visitors.

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