Are Door Knobs Adjustable?

You might be wondering, how could you adjust the door knob? Well, we're here to help you figure that out! We've researched the answers for you.

Yes, you can adjust the door knob by its backset. This is to ensure the correct length of the latch and keep the door secure. Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Remove the door knob by reversing the installation steps on the product guide.
  2. Pull the latch out.
  3. Find the tab at the top of the latch.
  4. Press and hold the tab.
  5. Push the bolt to extend the latch.
  6. Release the hold, then adjust the latch according to the correct length.
  7. Insert the latch back into the hole.
  8. Re-install the door knob.

This time, we'll talk about doorknobs and find out if they're adjustable. We'll provide some relevant information you can learn about. There's no time to waste. Let's keep reading!

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Are Door Knobs Adjustable?

Door knobs should be aligned with the door frame to ensure flawless opening and closing motions as you use the door. However, there's a way to adjust a door knob in case it doesn't hold on the frame due to incorrect installation.

With the steps we provided above, you can use the door knob with ease and fewer worries about security.

You can watch a video here for demonstration:

Why Adjust the Door Knob?

To further understand why you need to adjust the door knob, you can check the list below.

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Excessive Twisting

One main reason why a door knob dislocates or misaligns is due to excessive twisting force when people use the door. A gentle twist is ideal to keep the knob secure in place. But shaking the knob a lot can make the metal plate loose, causing it to need an adjustment.

To use the knob correctly, simply twist it once or twice, then push or pull the door open. Do not force it to open if it's locked. Doing so will just tamper with the internal locking patterns and render the door knob unstable.

Broken Door Frame

The door frame is the edge where the metal bar holds into. If the frame itself is broken, then you need to fix it before you can adjust the door knob. Otherwise, people from the outside might easily unlock the door with strong force like pushing or kicking.

The door is a crucial part of the house. That's why you can consult a homebuilder to help you repair the door frame.

How to Realign Door Knob

Broken modern doorknob closeup with signs of forced entry, criminal activity and door slightly open.

The door knob might dislocate due to improper installation or regular use. You can realign it by following these steps:

  1. Place a wedge at the door's bottom edge to keep it stable as you measure its height.
  2. Measure and mark the door at least 41 inches from the floor, depending on the recommended height of the door knob.
  3. Mark the door frame with white tape and a pencil.
  4. Unscrew and remove the existing door knob.
  5. Since there's already a hole for the door knob, use a tape measure to mark its center. Simply draw a line across the hole.
  6. Measure the hole to ensure that it's the same size as the hole on the other side of the door. Most door knobs require at least 2.125 inches of hole.
  7. Clamp the door to keep it stable.
  8. Drill a 2.125 or 2 1/8-inch hole with a drill bit. This is to enlarge the door knob hole to the proper size.
  9. Now, place the door knob into the hole. Its metal bar should align with the markings you made with white tape and pencil. Do not install it yet.
  10. If the metal bar doesn't align with the plate, you should measure and mark its height again.
  11. Unscrew the metal plate, then drill a hole in the door frame according to the metal plate's proper height.
  12. Place the door knob again to ensure that its metal bar will perfectly fit into the hole in the door frame.
  13. Mount the metal plate on the door frame without covering any portion of the hole.
  14. Close the door to ensure you can twist the door knob without any inconveniences or misalignment.
  15. You can now install the door knob. Refer to the product's installation guide.

What Door Knob to Use?

Door knobs may differ in the level of security they give to a door. Some door knobs are for the front door, storage room, or bathroom. See below for the list of some door knobs used at home.

Privacy Lockset

It allows you to lock and twist the knob on strictly one side of the door. This is ideal for bathrooms, in which the interior side has a button for locking. While there's no keyhole on the exterior side.

However, you may need to insert something very thin along the door frame if it's accidentally locked from the inside. Keep in mind that a privacy lockset is good for temporary privacy in a room and is not recommended for the front door.

See this privacy lockset on Amazon.

Deadbolt Lock

This is the type of knob you'll want on your front door. The deadbolt lock features a knob on the interior side and a keyhole on the exterior side, which you can lock on both sides.

So, you need a key to open the door from the outside. Otherwise, there should be someone inside the house to twist the knob open.

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Electronic Door Lock

It's an automatic, highly secure type of door lock. You need to set up a password for authorized people to access the door even without a key. However, electronic door locks may require different installation steps compared to other normal door locks.

How to Remove Key Stuck in the Door Knob

Woman with her two hands is unlocking the round door lock with the key for opening the door.

Some homeowners frequently have their keys caught in the door knob. It can be due to an incorrect key inserted or a deformed key pattern. You can remove the key with the steps below:

  1. Try pushing the key as far as you can, so that its pattern will align with the keyhole.
  2. Twist the key until you can pull it out.
  3. If the key is still stuck, apply a lubricant to reduce friction. Simply point the straw above the key and spray it onto the hole.
  4. Pull the key out while shaking it a bit.
  5. If nothing happens, you might need to remove the door knob or seek help from a professional.

Alternatives to Door Knob

Amerilock rim night latch lock

If you're worried that the door knob will have a problem again, you can consider some alternatives. These alternatives can serve as a replacement or an additional feature along with the knob itself to heighten the security. See below the list.

Night Latch

Unlike a deadbolt lock that requires a hole for the knob, you can simply mount the night latch from the inside without drilling except for the screwing spots. The night latch also has no key, which means you can lock and unlock the door by twisting the small handle. You can install a night latch to enhance security.

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Chain Latch

A chain latch has a chain and a circular metal piece on its end. You simply need to hang the chain into the metal plate, then slide it to hold the door on the frame. However, you can open a small space on the door to see who's knocking from the outside.

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Hasp and Staple

This pair is commonly used on cabinets and farm gates. You can also use a hasp and staple to increase the security, but not to serve as the main door's lock. Hasp comes with a metal with a semi-circle port called the staple for inserting a padlock.

You can install a hasp and staple either on the exterior or interior side of the door.

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Ethnic female hand opening door leading into dark room, hand holding a doorknob opening a white door

It's another useful article, isn't it? We learned how to adjust a door knob with easy steps and a video for a demonstration. We then talked about other related matters. Remember to read the product guide for specific steps, as the door knobs may have different structures.

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