How Wide Are Double Entry Doors?

Double-entry doors always look great for homes, creating a grand opening for anyone who wishes to enter. For those who wish to have double-entry doors, you're probably wondering how wide they are and if they will fit your home. We checked out this topic and we have answers to your questions.

The standard size of most double-entry doors is 72" x 80". The size corresponds to twice the width of a normal single-entry door with the same height.

Of course, not all double-entry doors have the same width. Depending on the style you choose, there are double-entry doors with narrower widths.

Knowing about the different widths of double-entry doors is important when making the choice for your home. Keep reading this post as we show you the varying widths of most entry doors for different homes, as well as the best ways how to choose them.

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How Wide Are Double Entry Doors?

The house's front door is one of the most essential features of any home. The front door is essentially the "welcoming committee" of any home as this is the first feature your guests will see in your home. To make a good impression, it's a good idea to choose doors that will showcase the beauty of your house.

However, there is also a grander style which looks better for houses that are bigger. For houses like these, double-entry doors are the best choice for entry doors. These kinds of doors look more luxurious and a little more extravagant, which suits the grandiose feel of the house.

If you are looking into getting double entry doors for your home, you're probably wondering how wide they will be in your home. Generally speaking, double entry doors can vary in width, depending on how wide your house can accommodate for this kind of doors.

Standard-sized double entry doors measure twice the width of a standard single entry door. The widest of the standard-sized single entry door is 36" wide and 80" tall. A double-entry door using this measurement should measure 72" wide and of the same height.

According to the ADA, the standard measurement for door entryways should be 36 inches minimum to provide comfortable entry for individuals with disabilities. However, residential homes do not need to comply with these standards, which is why you will find doors that are narrower than the specified size.

With this in mind, you can also get double-entry doors which are much narrower. Some doors can measure 60" or 64" wide. If you wish to get something that's more customized to your needs, you can also have double-doors custom fitted to your preferred width and height.

What Is The Best Way To Choose The Right Front Door?

What Is The Best Way To Choose The Right Front Door - Double wooden doors to a green home

When deciding on the right kind of front door, it's always important to consider not just the size, but also the style, function, and durability of the doors. There is also the manner of choosing the right material so that you can make sure that your front doors will last for a very long time.

There are many different kinds of entry doors to choose from. Depending on how big your house is or the style that you wish to show off, these exterior doors can definitely change the way your house will look. For many houses, the door must make a very good first impression on its guests.

Door Sizes

Different houses will require different sizes for their entryway. Of course, not all houses are of the same size, so some homes will need a narrower set of doors. Some homes, however, can have bigger and wider doors.

Choosing the right size for the front door will also involve measuring the entryway of your home. There are other elements that will affect your front door size, such as the width of the entryway as well as the style you are aiming for.

Door Styles

The style of the front door is going to be the first impression that your house will show off to guests, or even just to anyone passing by. There are many different styles to choose from that will match the look of your house.

Depending on your preference, you can definitely choose solid doors for a cleaner, streamlined look, or a decorative door if you wish to add a little glamor to your home. Whatever you choose, make sure that your front door will also work well with the style of your entryway and the general look of the house.

Entryway Functions

Of course, the main function of the front doors of your home is to allow entry to your family and your guests. However, front doors also have other functionalities which you can add, depending on the place where you live.

Some homes will require a storm door in addition to their front door because of the weather the location always experiences. For others, the addition of a screen door provides better comfort to their home. If there are any additions to the function of your doors, make sure that they are suitable to use together.


The front doors of any home are quite possibly the most battered and bruised part of any house. Every day, the doors open and close without fail so it's important to choose doors that are very durable.

The durability of your front doors will depend on the material that you will choose. The most popular materials for front doors are wood, fiberglass, or steel. Depending on your location, some of these materials are more durable than others, so it's a good idea to research well before purchasing.

What Are The Most Common Materials For Front Doors?

What Are The Most Common Materials For Front Doors - Wooden doors isolated on white. Interior design or marketing concept

Front doors come in many different kinds of materials. These doors are suitable for many different places, but they can generally be used for all residential homes. Here are some of the most common materials you can find when choosing a front door.


Brown wood texture. Abstract wood texture background.

When looking for a door, this is probably the standard and most common material that you will find. Wood doors are very common in any home, but they definitely don't lack the quality and strength compared to other materials.

For homeowners who are looking for a more traditional, yet elegant look for their home, wooden doors will always be a great choice. They are very durable and sturdy, and they are heavy which is great for making sure your house is always secure.

These doors are also highly customizable from simple to decorative styles that will fit the look of your home. You can also find that it's easier to look for wooden doors that will fit within your budget because there are numerous types and styles to choose from.


A fairly new choice for the types of doors available on the market, fiberglass doors are now starting to become a popular choice for many homeowners. Just like wooden doors, there are many different styles to choose from, but fiberglass offers better durability and resistance to weather.

Fiberglass doors are great if you live in an area with extreme weather conditions, or if your home experiences more traffic than usual. One of the best things about fiberglass doors is the ease of installation, plus they also have long warranties to ensure the highest quality for your front doors.


Steel bar cutting. Steel bar cut on a band saw for industrial use

For homeowners who are looking for the most secure and most durable front door material on the market, then steel doors should be their best bet. A steel entry door is quite possibly the strongest out of these three materials so this should ensure the best safety in your home.

Steel entry doors are also quite inexpensive, so it's a great choice if you are looking for value for your money. They are also energy-efficient and weather-resistant, so they are perfect if you are really considering this door for your home.

Final Thoughts

Double-entry doors definitely will make your home more grandiose and luxurious looking because of its style. They can be doors with a simple style, but the double entry will certainly make it look grand. Choose this style to add a little sophistication to your home, without going too over the top.

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