Deck Correct Colors

If you want to spruce up your decks or outdoor patio, using Deck Correct colors to paint them is an excellent idea. Deck Correct offers a myriad of colors that could fit any aesthetic, suit your personal style, and create a visually alluring color scheme.

Deck Correct Paint can also make your surfaces look brand new without completely renovating your exterior. They can hide the flaws that are inevitable due to aging, and you can use the opportunity to re-stain your decks or exterior--an essential step to ensure the long lifespan of the material.

Having the right color scheme using Deck Correct colors can make your home look more inviting. Balance and visual contrast are key to creating a cohesive look. Since Deck Correct has a wide range of options, it can be challenging to pick the best one.

You can narrow down your choices by following your personal style, but it wouldn't hurt to put an unpredictable twist to it by exploring the color options provided by Deck Correct.

We have gathered all the Deck Correct paint colors that will inspire you to recreate the look of your exterior.

Wooden deck of family home - Deck Correct Colors

1. Hedgerow

View of wooden walkout deck with patio area. Backyard garden with green lawn.

Hedgerow is a muted green tone that can make your exterior or outdoor patio look refreshing. It has a cozy and inviting look without being too soft, and it makes your house look more solid and structured.

You can accentuate this shade by pairing it with contrasting hues such as eggshell white or cream. Hedgerow is a natural color that can complement almost any color, making it aesthetically versatile.

2. Cavalry

Front sunny happy yellow porch with white trim.

Cavalry is a muted shade of yellow that adds vibrance to your exterior. It can easily warm up the space and make it feel cozier, which you can emphasize with similar yellow shades. You can break it up with neutrals to make the exterior feel more balanced.

3. Salt Marsh

a modern chair on an exotic wood terrace on a sunny afternoon

If you want a neutral exterior that can suit a lot of styles, go with a light brown shade. Salt marsh is exactly like this, and you can pair it with eggshell color trim decorated with dried flowers and succulents.

You can accentuate the cozy feeling with soft rugs on the patio, or pair the exterior with curb-enhancing shrubbery.

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4. Sycamore

New composite deck on the back of a house with green vinyl siding.with whie railings.

Sycamore is a greige shade or a combination of grey and beige. It has subtle tones of greens as well, but they may only be visible when the color is hit by the sunlight.

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5. Thicket

If you want to lean into natural green shades, go for Thicket. This has a moss green shade that can make your exterior look solid but not visually overwhelming.

If you want to make your exterior look more attention-grabbing with this color, try incorporating wooden accents and beige trims on your exterior. This will add warmth to your decks or exterior effortlessly.

6. Arboretum

Nice summer backyard with exotic landscape. View of wicker chairs with ottoman and glass top table

If you want a brighter color for your patio decks or exterior, Arboretum is a great choice. It has a coastal shade that can make the space look inviting yet tranquil, almost reminiscent of a tropical escape.

You can add structure to this soft color by pairing it with white or deep brown trims.

7. Mountain Laurel

Teal Abandoned Texture. Painted Tree Material. Nautical Cracked Stencil. Natural Dry Abandoned Texture. Modern Hardwood. Decorative Deck. Plaster Effect. Blue Abandoned Texture.

Mountain Laurel is a deep shade of teal that adds structure to your exterior. This shade can make your outdoor colors have a modern and contemporary style, especially when paired with greys.

If you want a more rustic vibe, pairing this shade with wood tones is also a unique idea.

8. Allagash

Painted light blue grey pastel wood background texture

Allagash has a neutral blue-grey shade that can make your exterior look visually versatile. This color can work with other shades (with neutrals tying them together), so you won't have to worry about your exterior colors looking unbalanced.

9. Beige

Wooden walkout deck with outdoor table set and swinging bench. Modern beige house exterior. Northwest, USA

Beige has a warm tone that can make your exterior look effortlessly chic. However, since it has a light and soft intensity, you would want to add structure to the color. You can pair beige with contrasting dark tones to add an outline to the exterior.

10. Desert Sand

Wooden deck of family home.

Desert Sand resembles beige in the swatches, but it has a slight difference from beige in real life especially when it is placed under the sun. It has a starker and warmer intensity with more yellow undertones, so it can easily make your exterior look vibrant.

If you want to balance out the warm tones, pair it with cold-neutral shades for a more harmonious look.

11. Golden Husk

Luxurious modern house in a developer standard. Composite deck terrace and graphite sheet metal roof.

Golden husk has warm and vibrant undertones that are muted by grey. The gold tones can make the exterior look more attention-grabbing without being overwhelming. Golden Husk can also create an elegant exterior which can be accentuated when it is hit by the late afternoon sun.

12. Spanish Moss

Lovely furnished back deck with fireplace and grass.

Spanish Moss has a dark green shade that looks almost like dark grey. It can make your deck look effortlessly elegant and chic, and it will make your exterior look structured.

If you have light-colored green or blue exteriors, Spanish Moss can add visual contrast to your entire outdoor landscape.

13. New Cedar

New red cedar outdoor wooden deck during nice weather in horizontal layout

New Cedar is another warm-toned paint color that can add inject warmth into your curb or outdoor space. It has a natural tone, so it can easily blend into other color schemes--which should be your priority when picking out colors.

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14. Terra

Backyard deck overlooking lake outside residential structure

Terra paint can make your outdoor space look effortlessly charming since it has a Mediterranean-inspired tone. This color is ideal if you want a soft flair in your outdoor space while still being versatile.

Having a color that can fit any theme is essential, but that doesn't mean you should stick with warm neutrals. Terra is a great option if you want a bright color to bring life to the space.

15. Sequoia

A view of backyard decking of modern house

Sequoia is a great alternative to Terra, It has a more muted but darker shade, so it can add more edge to your curb and outdoor space. If you want contrasting colors to break up the dark colors, go with warm beiges or off-whites.

16. Victory Gray

Ash grey composite decking built on two levels on a residential back garden with low voltage deck lights installed as well. Good Image for a landscape Gardiner

Victory Gray is a great choice if you want to soften the look of your house without it looking too plain. This shade is slightly similar to powder-blue, muted by grey tones. This color will enhance your exterior and make it look elegant in its simplicity.

This shade will complement red or wood tones beautifully, but you can always go for neutrals for a safe design solution.

17. Tile Red

Deep red background made of wooden planks

If you want to enjoy a vibrant and edgy shade, tile red is a great choice. It has a dark red tone, but it's not visually overwhelming since it's been toned down by black. This color can make your outdoor space look structured but chic.

18. Canyon

A freshly painted and stained wood deck with railing on a summer afternoon. The deck overlooks a beautiful valley and mountains in the distance.

The canyon shade is an excellent color if you want to lean into a rustic appeal. Canyon has brown tones that can warm up the space, but you can balance this out with cream-colored accents and decorations. You can also pair it with white trims for visual contrast.

Rustic color schemes are great for making your home feel more welcoming and chic. You can use it to create a timeless palette that can suit your preferences.

19. Ochre

Remodeled home with sunroom and composite deck

Ochre is a good alternative to Canyon. It has a less toned-down appearance and a deeper tone, which is ideal if you want to retain your wooden deck's original appearance. These are also ideal if you want your exterior to resemble wood tones for a more rustic look.

20. Oak Brown

Cozy back deck with wicker chairs overlooking forest and meadow.

Oak brown is another great color to go with if you have wooden decks that you want to retain the color. It has a deep tone that can suit a lot of styles. You can break up the dark colors with something that can provide visual contrast to add depth and dimension to the outdoor space.

21. Rocky Tundra

Dark Green wood texture background surface with old natural pattern, texture of retro plank wood, Plywood surface, Natural oak texture with beautiful wooden grain, walnut wooden planks, Grunge wood

Rocky Tundra has a shade closer to olive green. This shade can make your outdoor space blend into landscapes with a lot of greenery and fresh lawn grass. This paint color will blend well with light-colored trims to add structure.

Final Thoughts

Deck Correct colors provide a lot of shade options. Though some of them may look similar, you will notice the differences when you see them in real life compared to just looking at them in swatches.

As always, make sure to create a cohesive look since your exterior will be the first thing people will see.