What To Do With Glass Block Windows

Glass block windows have typically been a part of 80s interior designs. They provide a textured appearance to maintain privacy while still allowing natural light to bathe the space. However, because of their appeal, they have also been incorporated into kitchen bars, tables, and partitions.

They don’t only have aesthetic value, but they can also improve your home’s overall indoor climate. For instance, glass block windows provide thermal insulation that blocks the transfer of air so you won’t have to experience drafts.

Since they have a lot of insulation benefits, glass blocks also improve your home’s energy efficiency. This will effectively lower your electric bills while maintaining a visually appealing interior.

If you’re not planning to install them on your walls but only on small sections of your house, these glass blocks will add dimension to your interior because of their textured appearance.

They are also aesthetically versatile since they won’t clash with your color scheme.

Some people might see glass block windows as outdated interior elements, but there are ways you can modernize them. We have gathered ideas that will inspire you to look into glass block windows, so let’s discuss what you can do with them.

Modern bathroom with sunken bathtub, What To Do With Glass Block Windows

1.Combine With Natural Elements

One of the most tried and true ways to make glass windows more visually appealing is to combine them with natural elements. Adding wooden trim in between the glass panels will give it a more rustic look, and you can spruce it up more by adding plant decorations.

This will make the glass block windows blend naturally with the surroundings since the eyes will be trained on the natural accents that surround them. It will neutralize the 80’s look of glass block windows and make them look effortlessly chic.

2.Create Visually Appealing Patterns

Create an accent wall with glass block windows by incorporating fun patterns. You can do this either by putting together differently-sized blocks together so that it has a geometric appeal or by creating patterns with equal-sized blocks.

Incorporate a cascading or a round pattern to make the wall more visually stimulating.

Brown wall with translucent blocks made of glass

There are others who install these glass blocks in a criss-cross shape, letting you control the amount of light that’s pouring into the space.

If the space has no access to natural light except for the glass blocks, you may observe a pattern of light on the wall when the sunlight hits them.

3.Install In Bathrooms

Luxurious bathroom with a marble tabletop

One of the best uses of glass blocks is inside bathrooms. They make for a functional partition. They are highly durable and are almost never susceptible to sudden breakage which is sometimes the case with framed glass enclosures (though some people prefer this because of their modern and sleek look).

Because of their strength, they help people stay upright especially when they often slip and fall in the shower. This makes them a safer and more functional alternative to glass enclosures.

4.Install In Kitchens

Modern interior of wooden kitchen with window

The kitchen is one of the spaces in the house that requires the most natural light. It’s essential to see ingredients and materials better, and natural light will give you more motivation to whip up your favorite meals.

This is where glass block windows come in handy—they let in natural light while still providing privacy.

The textured surface of glass blocks will prevent any peeping toms from looking into your space, and you’ll have more control over the amount of light that pours into the kitchen.

Make sure you’re involved in the installation process so you’ll achieve the glass block windows you want.

5.Blend With Minimalist Designs

Contrary to popular belief, glass block windows are not outdated because of their form—it’s because we’ve been used to seeing them installed in interiors that look old and dated.

If we install them in minimalist spaces with cohesive color schemes—especially light color schemes that absorb natural light—glass block windows will effortlessly blend into the space.

Make sure their edges are painted either black or white so they can have that minimalist appeal. Black gives dimension and structure, while white edges will make them camouflage into the background better.

6.Spruce It Up With Window Treatments

Window treatments are primarily used for privacy, but since glass block windows have little need for them, it is mostly used for aesthetic purposes or if you want to block out the light entering.

You can also use various window treatments if you want to hide these glass block windows in case you have a change of heart about them.

One of the most functional and visually pleasing window treatment you can incorporate could be roller shades and drapery panels. They don’t take up too much space, they look sleek and modern, and they blend in with any interior design.

7.Pair them with warm color schemes

This is ideal if your glass block windows catch the golden hour and can pour the golden lighting into your space.

Installing it in an area with warm color schemes will give the space an effortless glow, creating a warm light that can instantly brighten your mood—and make for a good photo location!

Make sure that the room has a cohesive warm-toned color palette so that it looks relaxing and visually alluring when the afternoon sunlight hits it.

Try incorporating Mediterranean elements and color schemes to truly make the room pop.

8. Pair With A Mosaic Wall

Glass block windows will balance out the visually stimulating look of mosaic walls that are often scene in bathrooms or kitchens.

The interior will not look outdated as long as you keep all the elements—including color—cohesive and harmonious. The glass block windows will also provide natural light into the area, giving it a natural glow without compromising privacy.

If you’re worried about the interior looking tacky but don’t want to sacrifice the mosaic wall concept, you can try incorporating neutral and natural colors into the mosaic.

This will create a minimalist but textured look, especially when paired with glass block windows.

9.Play With Color Patterns

The good thing about glass block windows is that you have more agency over the design you want—and that includes the colors.

Unlike other framed glass enclosures, you can have some blocks colored differently other than clear white glass to create visual stimulation. This will also let you control the color of the light reflected inside the room.

The most popular colors are yellow, blue, and red, though yellow is more preferred aesthetically since it matches the color of the golden hour. Other color options will give the area an artistic flair.

10.Install In A Curved Wall

Add more visual appeal into a curved wall by installing glass block windows into it. If the curved wall is in a seating area, the space will feel more inviting and warm because of the natural light without compromising privacy.

Curved walls also have more space, so you can maximize the amount of light pouring in especially if you don’t have other windows in the room.

Installing glass block windows in a large curved wall can make the space feel mystical especially if you incorporate other colors into each block. It will almost resemble a stained glass window in a cathedral.

11.Place them side by side

If your walls aren’t curved but instead cut into different corners, you can install them side by side in any shape you like, although the most common is to have them in a rectangular shape that goes downward. This will create a more balanced look, and it will maximize the amount of light into the space.

Rectangular patterns aren’t the only way to go, though—you can also have round patterns on each side of the wall for a more unpredictable and visually alluring appeal. Just make sure you have other sources of natural light if you intend to do other shapes.

Final Thoughts

Glass black windows have had a bad reputation in interior design, with most people thinking they have gone way past their prime. However, they can be timeless fixtures especially if you know how to design a space that can work around these glass blocks.

They are too durable and functional to pass up on, so exploring ways to make them look more modern will be more beneficial to everyone.

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