How To Paint Outside Of House Without Scaffolding

As a homeowner, you may be wondering how the outside of a house can be painted without scaffolding. Fortunately, we have done the research for you, and here is what we found.

The following are step-by-step procedures for painting outside of a house without scaffolding:

  • Wash the walls.
  • Work on damaged surfaces.
  • Take off loose paint.
  • Prime stains.
  • Paint with a ladder.

You can either do the painting yourself or contact a professional for help. Keep reading to get detailed information on painting the exterior house without scaffolding.

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Painting The Outside Of A House Without Scaffolding

House painter paints the window frame from the outside.

It is possible to paint the outside of a house without scaffolding. All you have to do is carefully follow these steps:

Step 1: Wash Your Walls

The vinyl siding is molded and slimy but a good power washing takes care of the problem nicely.

Use a power washer to clean dirt and dust accumulation off the house to ensure optimum coverage. Work from the topmost area of the house to the bottom in a smooth, methodical motion, allowing 8 inches between each stroke.

Step 2: Work On Damaged Areas

Take note of any damaged stucco, siding, masonry, wood, or metal surfaces as you walk around the whole perimeter of the house. Using a spackle knife, fix any cracks or holes with epoxy. After drying, use a medium-grit sanding block to sand softly.

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Step 3: Take Off Loose Paint

a very old red paint layer on textured wooden planks, some other green paint is visible. The paint is full of cracks and flakes.

Once the outside has dried, walk around the house's perimeter and look for any paint that may be loose or chipped. Use a medium-grit sanding block or paint scraper to remove loose paint.

Next, use caulk and a caulking gun to cover gaps around the doors and windows. If peradventure the house has siding, brick, and other mixed materials, caulk the joints.

Step 4: Prime Stains

Look for any stains or obvious wood knots on the exterior. Using a paintbrush, treat the area with one coat of primer to prevent stains. Next, apply plastic sheeting, painter's tape, and light fittings to cover doors, windows, and windowsills.

Step 5: Paint With A Ladder

An aluminum ladder is an excellent choice since it is not too heavy and can be moved easily. But you may need a very high ladder when working on high-up patches.

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Apply one or two coats of flat or eggshell exterior paint to the house. Make sure to move from top to bottom in a continuous motion.

When switching exterior colors, make sure to use a primer. When applying a fresh coat of an existing color, primer is not required. Do not cover doors, windows, or light fixtures with plastic wrap. Doors and woodwork need two coats of external semigloss paint. Remember to take off the drop cloths afterward.

Alternative Methods Of Painting Outside Of House Without Scaffolding

Workers are painting or repairing houses or walls on scaffolding by dressing without protective equipment to ensure work safety. Work safety guidelines

Without scaffolding, you can paint the outside of your house using extension poles or an access platform. You can contact a professional to do the job with the equipment mentioned, which will keep you safe from any additional risks.

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How Do You Paint High Areas Without A Ladder?

To paint a wall white

Here are the step-by-step procedures for painting high areas without a ladder:

Prep Your Working Area

Before painting your ceiling or high walls, it is recommended to remove everything around, so the paint doesn't stain them. Also, make sure to cover all the objects and open surfaces. You don't want to create extra work after painting.

Attach A Pole To Your Brush

Get a cut-in brush and try attaching it to a paintbrush extender. After the attachment, the brush should be long enough to reach high areas. Make sure to get a long pole to be able to reach the spot comfortably. The brush should be for tight places.

Paint Using An Edger

Using a paint edger for high areas makes your work easier. It also gives good results. Make sure to attach the edger to a long pole. This can be easily done.

Next, pour some paint into a tray and put the pad in the paint. Do not flood the pad with too much paint to avoid messing up the edges. After that, you can paint the remaining part using a roller.

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How Do You Paint The Outside Of A Tall House?

Painting the outside of a tall house is not as difficult as it may seem. Follow these easy steps to do so:

Prepare The Surface You Want To Paint

This is the first step to take in painting the exterior of a tall house. It covers substrate or surface preparation. Not preparing a surface before painting may make your paint not adhere well. It can also cause premature peeling.

Choose Your Paint

You can make use of any color or type of paint, depending on your personal preference. You can also have it tinted to get the color of your choice.

Hire A Boom Truck

You can use a boom truck for painting high areas. First, you need an SUV or truck that can help you tow the hired boom truck home. The truck features a control panel that has so many buttons and instructions. Before lifting, some features have to be used.

After locating the lift, ensure the boom's arm has enough clearance to move the bucket to where you want to paint. This is essential because the lift needs to be moved to different places.

Is It Better To Roll Or Spray Exterior Paint?

The paint will be applied thicker when rolling, and there will be better coverage than if it is sprayed. This is one of the advantages of rolling. Rolling reduces the possibility of things like overspray, which makes it much easier to be exact.

How Long Does It Take For Exterior Paint To Cure?

There are several kinds of paint, each with its unique drying and curing period. Even while it just takes a few hours for exterior paint to dry, the whole curing process might take up to a month. When painting a house, it is essential to consider the prevailing weather conditions.

How Long Does It Take To Paint A House Exterior?

How long it takes to paint a house's exterior depends on its size. The more people who are willing to lend a hand, the more quickly things will get done.

If you have a crew of about two or three workers, it will take three to four days to paint an average-sized house. A house can be considered to be "average" if it consists of one to two levels and four bedrooms or fewer.

It will take between five and six days to paint a large house, like a house that has three stories or more than five bedrooms.

Can I Paint Over Old Paint Exterior?

You do not need to sand the wall before painting if the old paint is the same type as the new paint and the wall is in good shape.

Sanding, on the other hand, may be required to get adequate adhesion while working with wood. However, you can just use a primer instead of sanding to save yourself some time.

To Wrap Up

Painting the exterior of a building is a somewhat laborious task. You must carry out the procedure well so the paint can last long. You can paint the exterior of a house without scaffolding. All you have to do is carefully follow the steps.

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