How To Open Skylight Window

Adding skylight windows will be great if you want to make your home brighter and more energy efficient. But do you know how to open it? If you don't, you can leave it to us! We have already researched this topic for you!

Opening your skylight window is as easy as getting a ladder, locating the latch, and opening it to let the breeze or warmth enter the room.

Skylight windows can significantly help you save money from electricity bills. You can install them on a ceiling or roof, providing you with light and a breeze without energy consumption. Please keep reading to learn more about skylights.

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How To Open Skylight Windows

You can open a skylight window using two ways, and they are the following:

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How To Access Skylight Window With A Pole

There are different types of skylights. However, we will provide you with the usual steps to open them with a pole.

1. Locate The Latch On Your Skylight Window

Before you start working with the pole of your skylight, you should first locate its latch or lock. Try to stand on a flat and stable surface near the skylight and look for that fastener. It's best to do this step first to make the process easier.

2. Use A Stool Or Ladder

Depending on how tall you are, you might not be able to reach the skylight. If this is the case, use a stool or ladder to help you reach it. Be careful, and if possible, have a friend or family member hold the stool or ladder.

3. Release The Skylight's Latch Using The Pole

Once you have located the latch, carefully lift and pull on the pole's loop to free the skylight.

This step shouldn't take much effort. However, if you try to open it and it seems like you still need to exert extra strength, there may be something faulty with your skylight. And this will require the help of an expert. Try to contact one and let them check your skylight.

4. Let In The Wind

To let in the refreshing wind, gently push your skylight using your pole. And as soon as you have the skylight open as much as you want, secure the latch open.

How To Open Skylight Window Manually

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Always check your access before attempting to open a skylight manually.

1. Determine The Location Of The Fastener

To start, like the first step from the process mentioned above, you should locate where the latch of your skylight is.

2. Unfasten The Latch Off The Skylight

Lift the handle up and away from the locked latch, then straighten it out.

3. Open The Skylight

You can open the window with a simple push on the retracted handle. Leave it open as wide as you want.

4. Latch The Skylight Open

Once you have already put the skylight at the desired width, it's best to insert the handle into one of the slots along the window. Doing such will secure the window.

You must remember that a standard method of unlocking a skylight is rotating a long bar in a forward direction. Additionally, a quick twist or pull should be enough to free the tool and allow the skylight to pivot open; this may be a little difficult with older windows.

Why Should You Use Skylight Windows?

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Installing a skylight has several benefits, including the following:

Can A Skylight Reduce Energy Consumption?

Having more windows means using less artificial lighting. You can utilize a skylight as a replacement for conventional lighting fixtures. With a skylight, you won't have to use electricity to have light or brightness in the room.

As with every change in the seasons, there are advantages. A skylight is an excellent way to let solar heat in during the colder months. It will also serve a ventilation purpose in the summer by allowing hot air to escape. It can reduce the money you spend heating and cooling your home.

Does A Skylight Provide Natural Light?

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You can revitalize a space by installing a skylight. It is a foolproof method of brightening your home. Using only natural light is more environmentally friendly and can increase energy efficiency.

One thing about using regular windows is that they can make the room receive varying amounts of light. But skylight windows do a great job letting in natural light that floods the space, making dark corners bright.

Can A Skylight Create Ventilation In A Room?

Despite their rooftop location, skylights contribute to cooling a building by allowing hot air to escape.

You can opt to employ a ventilated skylight for your home. You can choose one that you can either control wirelessly or manually. It can bring clean air to your living space.

In addition, it's best to install skylight windows in bathrooms since they can aid big time in letting out moisture. They can also help in Cape Cod-style homes where conventional window placement is sometimes not an option due to the structure's narrow width.

Furthermore, you can install a skylight in the kitchen area. Doing so is a great idea because you can eliminate the lingering smells from food preparation. As a result, you won't need to install any noisy exhaust fans.

Can A Skylight Raise The Resale Value Of A House?

Adding a skylight might boost your home's resale price.

Skylights let in pleasant natural light while also improving the aesthetics of a space, like other home enhancements. All the reasons we've listed above are why adding skylights to different areas of your property will boost its resale value.

In addition, homebuyers like the new energy efficiency factor that a skylight can provide. Adding a skylight to your property may increase its resale value for this reason alone.

Can A Skylight Help In Maintaining Privacy?

A house with windows is a house made better. Yet there are situations where windows make you feel less private than you would like. But this is where skylights come in.

Even in the most private areas of your home, you don't have to choose between natural light and privacy. Don't let your need for solitude prevent you from allowing natural light in and making the most of your space. With a skylight, you can have it both ways.

Are Skylights Beneficial To Health?

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Getting some fresh air and sunshine may do wonders for your disposition. It's a significant boost to health in a house where the atmosphere is often dark.

In addition to bringing the outdoors in, skylights foster a sense of connection with nature.

If you try to open a vented model, expect the air circulation and quality within to improve. There is a correlation between exposure to sunlight and a rise in vitamin B and D levels.

Putting in a skylight can also protect your property from the spread of mold and mildew. The health of your family and house will benefit from this as well.

Lastly, natural sunlight has been shown to increase immunity, circulation, and overall quality of life.

Can You Customize A Skylight?

There is a wide variety of skylights to choose from. If you install a skylight window in a larger room, it can give the impression of more space. It highlights the home's architecture while creating an atmosphere reminiscent of being outdoors.

Consider tubular skylights if you need a more compact solution. They are especially useful in rooms without windows, like inner corridors, closets, and restrooms, but also for general illumination.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Skylight Windows?

Skylights are an excellent addition to any home, but like any other decorative upgrade, they also have drawbacks.

Needing To Consult An Expert For Skylight Installation

Again, some homeowners try to install skylights without having enough knowledge about them. Skylight installation without experience and know-how is a bad idea. So, it's generally required to solicit the help of contractors for skylight installation.

The Need For Quality Materials

Some homeowners want to have a skylight but don't have enough budget for the installation and materials. It is a bad idea to purchase low-quality materials. Buying poor-quality materials means having low-quality skylight windows.

If you want your skylight to last long and make the most out of it, we highly suggest you obtain only high-quality materials. Such materials also come with solid warranties that will be beneficial to you.

Expensive Repairs

Repair cost is one of the significant drawbacks of skylights. And this is another reason why we don't suggest DIY installations. It can cost you a lot to fix a faulty installation.

In Closing

photo of a bedroom on an attic modern style room white bed skylight

There are different designs and styles of a skylight, which means the steps on how to open it can also vary. But the key to remember when opening one is always to find the latch first, and everything will follow.

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