How To Build A Garage Door Awning

You might be planning to give your garage a new look. So, how could you build a garage door awning? What are the things you need? Don't worry! We've researched the answers for you.

An awning is a slanted roof on top of the door or window to redirect the rainwater away from the house. You can also build an awning for the garage door. Simply refer to the steps below: 

  1. Measure the top edge of the garage door to estimate how wide the awning will be.
  2. You'll want the awning to be a bit wider than the actual garage door size. 
  3. Prepare lumber pieces to make the awning frame. You'll need 2x2 or 4x4 lumber depending on the size recommended for your garage door, as some garage doors are wide. You can ask an expert on what lumber size is best to use.
  4. Cut the wood and glue together three smaller pieces to form a triangular or "A" shape. You'll need two "A" frames on both sides that will support the roof.
  5. Cut at least three horizontal pieces of lumber wood to connect the two "A" frames. These horizontal pieces will hold the roof's weight.
  6. Now, adhere the lumber together to make a frame. Use construction glue and screws for a firm hold. You can also use nails if you prefer. 
  7. Paint the frame to prevent it from rotting too fast. 
  8. Mount the frame on top of the garage door by drilling some nails into the wall. 
  9. Measure and cut the roof to fit in the frame. 
  10. Place the roof on the frame, then push it against the wall to secure the gap. 
  11. Nail the roof into the frame. You may need to overlap roof sheets to cover the entire frame. 
  12. Apply a roof sealant along the edge where the roof and wall meet. Seal around the nails as well.

Throughout this article, we'll learn how to build a garage door awning and list down the things you need. We'll share with you the steps and some factors to consider. Let's not waste any more time. Join us in reading! 

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How To Build A Garage Door Awning 

An awning is an effective structure to protect the door frame against rainwater by redirecting it away from the house. You can build an awning on top of the garage door to prevent rainwater from overflowing. As a result, the items housed inside the garage will be safe from decay.

High quality canopy respectively carport

The awning can also reduce sunlight, which is ideal if your garage door is facing directly towards the sun every morning. The awning will keep the area essentially warm and avoid overheating the garage floor. Of course, if you have a car inside the garage, the awning will serve its purpose by blocking the heat to keep the car cooler, too.

Keep in mind that the awning frame can vary in size depending on how wide the garage door is. You can also ask a lumber manufacturer for the best size to use.

Given the steps we listed above, you can build the awning by yourself. However, it's good to consult your homebuilder for an assessment. 

Tools/Materials for Building an Awning

The tools are easy to find in most hardware stores. Some of them are even available at your home. Check the list below:

  • Lumber
  • Roofing material
  • Tape measure
  • Multi-purpose cutter or grinder tool
  • Protective gear
  • Roofing nails
  • Wood srews
  • Drill
  • Construction glue
  • Wood paint
  • Roof sealant 

How Long Does a Garage Door Awning Last? 

An awning can actually last a lifetime, considering you maintain its quality by cleaning and repairing some minor damage. However, frequent rain can make the roof rusty as well as weaken the wooden frame. 

What Is a Retractable Awning?

Yellow-white stripped awning against blue summer sky. Canon 5D Mk II.

Instead of a metal roof, a retractable awning is usually a foldable fabric (or other material) roof with a metallic frame. A retractable awning is used as a quick alternative to building a framed metal roof awning.

However, you might find it hard to find a retractable awning that fits the size of the garage door. But you can simply mount it based on the product's installation procedure.

How Far Should the Awning Extend? 

Generally, an awning should extend three to five feet farther from the door and a foot farther on both sides, depending on the building code in your local community.

What Roof Material for an Awning? 

It's significant to identify what roof you should use based on what you prefer. That's why we're sharing with you some types of roofs you can choose from. See below for your options. 

Metal Roof 

It's probably the most popular due to its proven durability which can last years or even decades. Metal roofs are a good choice for absorbing heat, which can somehow save energy for cold climates. 

Asphalt Roof 

It's usually made of fiberglass material, which serves as a waterproofing layer. However, an asphalt roof can be too heavy for the wooden frame.

Asphalt roofs actually come in shingles and are shaped like rectangles for easier estimation of how much you may need. Unlike metal roofs, which are usually large. 

Plastic Roof 

A plastic roof is often made of PVC material, which is highly durable, rust-resistant, and water-resistant. When it comes to installation, plastic roofs are safer than metal roofs.

However, a plastic roof can be difficult to clean, especially the transparent one. You'll want to use a colored plastic roof for convenient cleaning.

How to Maintain an Awning in Winter? 

Icicles and Snowstorm

A roof awning and the winter weather are rivals. The awning protects your home from snow, and the snow keeps your home cool. However, the snow can become too risky. It adds weight and slants the awning down until it breaks. See below for some ways to prevent this from happening. 

Clear the Snow and Ice

You'll want to clear the awning to melt the snow as well as to retain the quality of the frame installed. Refer to the steps below: 

  1. Attach a garden hose to the faucet, then turn it on. 
  2. Rinse the awning with water to melt the ice or snow. You can also pour hot or lukewarm water. 
  3. Use a shovel to remove the snow. 
  4. Carefully reach the top of the awning roof with a ladder. 
  5. Scrape off the remaining snow and ice. 
  6. Rinse the rod again with water.

Install Posts 

Dig a deep hole in the soil to pour mortar on the fence posts to strengthen the foundation.

You might need to install posts to support the awning. For instance, the added weight of the wooden frame and metal roof is quite heavy for the garage door.

How much more if it snows? Some homebuilders may require you to install posts for your safety. However, doing so is still optional depending on the house's structure.

See below the steps on how to install posts for the awning roof:

  1. Since there's already an awning roof, measure its height to find how long the posts should be. Allow the posts to be a few inches longer for being dug into the ground. 
  2. Cut the wooden posts to size. 
  3. Dig two holes on the farthest left and right sides of the awning. Refer to your local building code for the allowed digging depth. 
  4. Install the posts as you bury their portions in the hole. 
  5. Nail the posts against the wooden frame. 
  6. To stabilize the posts, cover the hole with soil or cement. 
  7. Pour the soil or cement mixture into the footings of both posts, then flatten the surface with a trowel. 


Gate warehouse with metal rolling shutter. Building front store or factory with wooden pallets and traffic cones on street. Storehouse with automatic door, yellow line road marking and awning on wall

We're glad you reached this point in the article. which we learned how to build an awning roof on a garage door. We then provided some useful and relevant information, such as choosing the roof and maintaining it during winter. Always refer to your local building code for safety. 

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