19 Exterior French Door Paint Color Ideas

French doors are one of the most underutilized front door options a lot of people miss out on for their homes. Typically, they are used for patios and backyard doors, but many homes have chosen to use French doors as the main entry door of their homes.

These doors, typically a pair of light construction doors with glass panes, have great aesthetic and practical purposes. These doors allow light in because of their glass window panes which makes them energy-efficient. You'll be able to bring in the outdoors with this feature.

Normally, French doors are painted in neutral colors so that they blend in well with the trim and color of most homes. However, more creative styles have popped up and colorful French doors now bring brightness and personality to any home.

Dark color of a double french door, 19 Exterior French Door Paint Color Ideas

19 Exterior French Door Paint Color Ideas

Many homes have different styles and color palettes that make them uniquely different from each other. One of the best ways to hit your mark in making your home look unique is by playing around with your door colors.

French doors are great canvasses to add color to your home. These doors are quite wide, and their size makes for a striking appearance in any home. The glass panels also allow light to enter your home which makes it very inviting.

When choosing a color for your French door, pick one that will suit your personality as well as the color palette and style of your home. Go for calmer, neutral tones, or big, bold, and bright colors if you want to showcase this area.

1. Ethereal White

Stylish room interior with french doors and light neutral colours in a modern home

The ultimate classic color for French doors, white brings about a certain purity and elegance to your place. It's a very clean color that will definitely match any style of home. This color is also perfect for minimalist and modern houses, as white can emphasize the straight, clean-cut lines of your home.

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2. Classic Beige

Patio entrance home exterior

Another classic color, beige is a great neutral color that works for both traditional and modern homes. This color is quite warm, which is great if you are planning to showcase similar elements from your home. Partner this color with some wood elements and you'll surely give off an inviting, relaxing vibe.

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3. Powder Blue

Powdered blue of a french door in a balcony

These powder blue French doors are great for homes that are going for a touch of color to their space. The soft blue hue looks beautiful against a white base palette. This color brings about a certain calmness to your home, and it makes for a relaxing, cool color to look at.

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4. Blacks and Whites

Cabin on Caddo Lake filled with rustic furniture with a quilted bed in the living room

If you're looking for a color that gives off a strong statement, yet is neutral enough to match any style, then black and white is the perfect color choice. These black doors are very striking to look at, and the white trim makes the doors look elegant.

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5. Cool Gray

Beautifully landscaped front porch and walkway with waterfall structure

A great color choice for modern homes, these cool gray French doors accentuate the elegance and strength of the home's stone landscape. These big French doors provide a grand entrance to the home while keeping the modern design of the place.

6. Navy

Navy blue is a beautiful color that fits homes painted in neutral colors. This navy blue-colored door looks great on homes that are going for an intimate and relaxing invitation to their guests. Navy blue also pairs well with other great colors, so it's a great base that you can start with.

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7. Stone Gray

Great for homes with an industrial theme, gray has become one of the most popular color choices. This stone gray French door brings about that industrial vibe to this home, and the wide glass window panes provide some much-needed light inside.

8. Mahogany Wood

Although French doors can be made with mahogany wood, you can recreate this style by using wood-look paint. These paints can instantly transform your current French doors into looking like these classic mahogany wood doors in no time.

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9. Birchwood

If you're going for a lighter, softer wood for your home's doors, birch or light-colored wood for your French doors is a great choice. These wooden doors give your home a warm, rustic vibe that will surely be inviting to all your guests.

10. Dark Green

Cozy covered balcony with a french door and a winter season is coming with dried leaves on a tree

Bring nature in by painting your French doors with the rich colors of nature. This dark green paint blends well with the great outdoors, and they look beautiful when nature's colors turn during the colder, fall months. Dark green also comes off close to dark, neutral colors so you don't have to worry about this color clashing with your palette.

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11. Cobalt Blue

Cobalt blue of a classic french door

These cobalt blue doors are strikingly beautiful against the cold palette of concrete and stone. If you're looking to add some brightness and a pop of color to an otherwise drab color scheme, pick bright colors like this cobalt blue to spark the look of your home's entryway.

12. Sky Blue

A pretty crazy, yet interesting color choice, these sky blue French doors definitely take the "interest" level up a notch. Set in an industrial, rustic location, this sky blue color adds a colorful and fresh take to the space. It's definitely eye-catching and fun to look at.

13. Antique Red

Antique red door and white exterior wall

Antique reds are great for adding color to your home. Most red shades go well with any neutral-colored house, and the color is definitely an eye-catcher. In this house, bright, antique red captivates an otherwise plain white wall by bringing in warmth and brightness.

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14. Anthracite Gray

French doors have rapidly changed in styles over the years. This French door boasts cool, anthracite gray colors paired with slim glass panels, perfect for a modern home. It's a great way to compromise security and the classic French door design to use as your home's front entryway.

15. Pale Green

These pale green French doors look beautiful, especially if you are looking to go for a vintage vibe. Paired with colors of darker, weathered green shades, this door exudes comfort and intimacy in any home.

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16. Baby Blue and White

Another great option to do with your French doors is by accentuating the frames of the glass panel. In this inspirational photo, the doors are painted in soft baby blue colors and the glass frames are painted in warm whites. It's a pretty color combination and they look great in warm, vintage homes.

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17. Baby Pink

It might be a soft, pastel pink color, but it definitely is a bold color choice for a home entryway. These baby pink French doors are pretty, especially if you are planning to make an eye-catching entry for your guests. It's pretty uncommon for a door color, so they'll surely remember your home in an instant.

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18. Orange

Another unusual, but bold color choice is orange. Although orange does resemble some wood shades a little bit, it comes off as bright and cheery when painted on. Pick this paint color if you want to have a front door that is very striking, yet warm to look at.

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19. Yellow

Yellow doors definitely scream happiness and warmth. Although they are bold and striking, the color yellow looks so inviting that it will make you want to make yourself at home. Accentuated by stark black lines, these yellow French doors will make your guests smile the moment they step foot in front of them.

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Final Thoughts

Dark color of a double french door

They are beautiful and you can definitely bring that elegance to your home, simply with the installation of new French doors in so many different colors. It doesn't matter what kind of style your home is—whether it is traditional or contemporary, French doors can surely elevate your home in an instant.