Can Patio Doors Be Used As Front Door?

Patio doors look all charming and beautiful. It makes you think if it would work if you used them for your front door. We asked the experts if it's possible and here's their answer.

Patio doors can be used as front doors for aesthetic purposes. But homeowners should think twice if it would be a practical choice considering the size and style of their house and how it will affect their homes' security, privacy, and energy efficiency.

Keep on reading as we explain when it would be okay and not okay to use patio doors as your main door. We'll also answer if you can use them as interior doors. This article will also discuss the main differences between patio and front doors. Let's get started!

Is it weird to use a patio door for the entry?

Front doors are the focal point of every home. It catches everyone's attention. It greets every family member and guest that pass by it.

Outdoor patio with a couch and blue and yellow pillows

That's why aside from making sure that they are sturdy enough to protect your house from forced entry, it is also important that it exudes beauty, charm, and personality.

And when it comes to aesthetics, patio doors aren't lacking in this aspect. Their two-door system provides the traditional vibe that you're entering the private chambers and adds drama to the experience.

Their glass system gives homeowners a good view of their entryway and connects the interior and exterior parts of the house.

So, this begs the question of whether you could use patio doors as your front door or if it would be weird to do so.

The simple answer to this question is it would indeed be weird to use patio doors as your front doors especially if you have a small house.

Size, Security, and Energy-Efficiency

Patio doors, being composed of two doors, would require double the space for their frame and the same thing with the interior space since you would need to swing both doors to open. 

You would lose balance and proportion when you insist on using patio doors in a small house. The wide entryway would look awkward and occupy so much of the front exterior. And you might not have the space needed for their operation.

But aside from size, security and energy efficiency are also major considerations why it won't be wise to use patio doors for your house's main entrance.

Since they are mostly made of glass, they are easy to break should anyone desire to enter forcibly into your home.

Glass doors do not offer good insulation since they can allow light and heat to pass through. There is also the possibility of draft and weather issues that would bother you as seasons change which could be asking for more trouble than it's worth.


But some home designers approve the use of patio doors for the entry when they suit the house.

They would particularly look good on beach houses and garden homes. The glass will showcase the beauty of the outdoors.

Of course, it would ultimately depend on the size and style of the house if the patio doors would fit perfectly.

In other words, aesthetics is the only acceptable reason why homeowners should ever consider using these doors as their main doors.

But then again, front doors are available in different beautiful styles and designs without compromising your safety and security and the energy efficiency of your home so that's something to think about.

What's the difference between a patio door and a front door?

Sliding patio doors opening onto whitewashed

There are different kinds of doors. There are doors intended for exterior use and those to be used for interiors.

Patio doors and front doors are both exterior doors since they are used as entryways from the outside to the inside of the house. They share some similarities and differences that we'll discuss below.


Front doors can be made of wood, composite, aluminum, steel, or fiberglass.

Patio doors are made of high-efficiency glass with steel, wood, fiberglass, vinyl, or aluminum framing.

They are both made of heavy materials as required for exterior doors. The main difference is that front doors are not made mostly of glass.


Front doors are made of stronger and more durable materials to give the best protection against burglars and forced entry of people with criminal minds. It also needs to stand up well against changing and sometimes extreme weather conditions.

Meanwhile, patio doors need to have high energy efficiency glass to provide protection against the extreme heat of the sun, block harmful UV rays, and shield you from heavy winds.

Both patio and front doors need to be made of heavyweight materials but front doors are sturdier because of their solid core. As much, they are more durable than patio doors.


A roof top patio with open space kitchen, Can Patio Doors Be Used As Front Door?

Front doors come with knobs, handles, and hinges to make it convenient for users to use them at any given time.

Patio doors have handles for ease of use and depending on the type, can come with sliding tracks along the wall or hinges on the side for swinging.

Energy Efficiency

The front doors' solid core is more energy efficient because it can effectively block outside elements from entering your home. They have a thermal break feature to seal the house from heat, cold, rain, and snow.

Glass imbued with high energy efficiency properties helps with proper insulation so that you can maintain a stable temperature indoors. This also prevents air infiltration in your home so that you won't experience drafts during chilly weather.

Privacy and Security

The front doors' knobs and handles secure it properly both from the inside and outside. You can add heavy-duty deadbolts and keyed or coded locks to enhance their security.

In some areas, they also add storm dorms as another layer of protection not just from extreme weather conditions but also from forced entry.

When front doors are closed, you won't see what's going on inside the house to give dwellers the privacy that they need.

On the other hand, privacy and security can be an issue for patio doors. Glass is easy to break if you apply enough force. It would let strangers and passersby see through your home. You need to put window treatments over your patio doors to enjoy some privacy.

You can also improve the security of patio doors by investing in heavy-duty locks, electronic number pads, and a home security system.


The patio doors' large glass surface lets you see the beauty of the outdoors and brings the outdoors in. It also makes your interiors look bigger by making it appear that it extends all the way to the outdoor area.

Meanwhile, front doors come in various designs, colors, and finishes that would complement the look of every home.

As you can see, front doors and patio doors have huge differences when it comes to materials, hardware, durability, energy efficiency, privacy and security, and aesthetics. Their individual properties make them suitable for their intended purposes in your house.

Can you use a patio door as an interior door?

Real photo of a hanging armchair and a rattan sofa with cushions on a wooden patio behind the door

Given the beauty and charm that patio doors add to a room, some might be thinking if they could use them for their interior doors as well.

But it would be impractical to do so. Interior and exterior doors are built differently. It's all about form and function.

Exterior doors like patio doors are heavier, more durable, and consequently, more expensive than interior doors. This is because they serve an important purpose of keeping the house safe and secure from outside forces.

Meanwhile, we don't expect this from interior doors. They are lighter, plainer, and don't need to be insulated or built to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Their main purpose is to provide or limit access to each room. Security isn't much of a concern at this point.

It isn't recommended to use patio doors for your interior doors simply because you don't really need them. If you really want the look and style of patio doors, there are interior glass or sliding doors that you can use that'll let you achieve the same benefits as patio doors.

Final Thoughts

House with elegant wood grain door

There are only limited circumstances when you can use patio doors as your house's main door. It's best to stick to using front doors for your entryway to keep your home safe and secure at all times.

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