Keana Mercado

Keana Mercado

Does Gas Stain Driveways?

Oil spill on asphalt road with car on the background, Does Gas Stain Driveways?

Gasoline is a common sight on American roadways. The sweet-smelling liquid fuels the country’s cars and powers its economy. But what happens when gasoline leaks or spills? Does it stain driveways? Luckily, we research this issue to help you solve…

What Color Door Knobs For Wood Doors?

Bronze handle on dark wood panel door - What Color Door Knobs For Wood Doors

If you’re considering painting your wood door, one of the first questions you’ll ask is what color to paint it! But another consideration is what type of knob to use. Should you go with a traditional metal knob, or something…

Do Wood Doors Expand In Summer?

A wooden door surrounded by green vine on summer day, Do Wood Doors Expand In Summer?

Expanding doors can be a real pain. The constant clicking and banging can be annoying, and if left unchecked, an expanding door can damage both the door frame and the door itself. Thankfully, we did research on how to fix…

Are Roof Tiles Toxic?

Roofer install new tiled roof, Are Roof Tiles Toxic?

While roof tiles are often considered a more environmentally-friendly roofing option than asphalt shingles, there is some debate over whether or not they contain toxic materials. Fortunately, we compiled all our research about roof tiles and their risks. Roof tiles…