Jeanette Figueroa

Jeanette Figueroa

How To Finish Garage Door Trim

Double car classic insulated steel raised panel garage door framed with a white trim to add accent, on a new American home - How To Finish Garage Door Trim

We’ve got you covered if you need help on how to finish that rough opening on the wall for your garage door. We researched how to install the trim around your garage door opening and we’re glad to share these…

Are Basement Windows Waterproof?

A view of a basement window well of a residential home, Are Basement Windows Waterproof?

Basements may have windows as egress points. Their location makes them prone to water and moisture problems so it’s a good idea if these windows have sufficient protection against these factors. This begs the question if basement windows are waterproof.…

Do Basement Windows Have To Open?

Exterior view of an egress window in a basement bedroom., Do Basement Windows Have To Open?

If you’re planning to have a basement in your new home, you need to be aware of the construction requirements such as installing windows in this portion of the house. But are these windows just stationary or are they expected…

When To Replace Garage Door Trim?

Double doors and one door garage. North America. - When To Replace Garage Door Trim?

Is the look of your garage door trim bothering you and you’re thinking if you should have it replaced already? When is it okay to do so? That’s what we asked the garage door experts and here’s what we found…

Are Roofs Waterproof?

Shingle roofing of a tall three story mansion, Are Roofs Waterproof?

It is very important to make sure that your roof is waterproof. Otherwise, your whole house and belongings would be soaking wet when there’s a heavy downpour. But are all roofs waterproof? That’s what we asked the experts and here’s…