Month August 2022

What Size Roofing Nails For 7/16 Sheathing?

photo of a 716 sheathing on the roof, hot weather, sunny day, summer time, sun lit photo of a roof of house, What Size Roofing Nails For 7/16 Sheathing?

In construction, using the correct roofing nail sizes is essential. Using the proper size will give you the desired results and is best for the roof structure. This post will provide you with our thoroughly researched answer about the size…

Do Roof Bolts Rust?

Bolts are holding rooftop plates on the roof at sunset, Do Roof Bolts Rust?

When it comes to the rooftop of a building, extra precautions are needed because that part of the building is always exposed to all elements of weather. Have you noticed your roof bolts rusting or you’re wondering if they would…

How To Thin Roofing Cement

Roofer's hand in white mittens holding a brush with bituminous mastic, How To Thin Roofing Cement

Roofing cement can be put to use in a wide variety of roof repair jobs. Since it can be used in different ways, many skilled homeowners and roofing contractors make it their go-to material. If you’re wondering how you can thin…